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Mark Zuckerberg: The Supervillain in Silicon Valley

Mark Zuckerberg ain't your average Joe. No sirree, this dude is more like a supervillain straight outta a comic book. Picture him as the sketch for that food-tampering suspect at your local grocery store, or the pink, overscrubbed nemesis of your favorite superhero. Heck, some even compare him to a Roman emperor who's into "flaying" and "indifference." Talk about giving you the heebie-jeebies!

But here's the real kicker - Zuckerberg is the world's most powerful oligarch. With 2.7 billion monthly active users, he's selling our souls to advertisers and manipulating our behavior with a business model that thrives on incendiary, nasty, and often fake and dangerous content. And don't get me started on Facebook's PR crises - it's like every time they screw up, they just release a statement saying they have "more work to do." Boring much?

Zuckerberg loves to talk about connecting people, but let's not be fooled. That smile of his hasn't reached his eyes in years, and maybe that's because he doesn't have any real friends. To him, friendship is just another commodity to be sold. It's like he's still stuck in his Harvard dorm room, creating a website to rate women. Who knew that would turn into the "biggest prostitute of hate in the history of mankind," according to tech guru Scott Galloway.

Despite all his power, Zuckerberg seems to have no real vision for the future. His idea of progress is turning the world into a single organism, where we all communicate automatically and work together seamlessly. Sounds like a plot straight outta The Matrix, doesn't it? Maybe Rupert Murdoch was the "blue pill" all along, who knows.

The real question is, what does Zuckerberg want with us? He ain't interested in news or the welfare of countries. Heck, he fired the team that curated Facebook's trending news topics and replaced them with an algorithm that pushed fake news and a video of a man doing the deed with a McChicken sandwich. Yeah, you read that right.

So let's not kid ourselves - Mark Zuckerberg ain't no hero. He's a supervillain with more power than any oligarch in history. The question is, what are we gonna do about it?

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