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Mark Chadwick

I am a multi-talented professional with expertise in a variety of areas, including voiceover, radio imaging, copywriting, sound design, and marketing.


Mark Chadwick is a high-energy, kind, and professional guy who is a force to be reckoned with in the audio production/Marketing industry. With an impressive 25 years of experience under his belt, Mark's talent and passion for creating sonic brilliance is unparalleled. 

Mark's expertise extends far beyond voiceover work - he is also a master of imaging, radio spots, podcasts, branding FX, and beats, and his copywriting skills are second to none. When it comes to crafting compelling and engaging content, Mark knows just how to connect with his clients' audiences and deliver messages that truly resonate.


July 1998 - Jul 2002 - Forever Broadcasting


I gained experience in a variety of audio production roles within Forever Broadcasting, including creating commercials, hosting an on-air Evening Show, and working on external events like outside Broadcasts and Roadshows.


Jul 2002 - Jun 2004 - Hallam FM, Key 103, Radio Aire


This role involved hosting a live overnight radio show, but I also spent 50% of my time filling in for the main daytime shows around the network. Additionally, I would visit schools as a guest and teach children about my role in the industry.


Jun 2004 - Sep 2006 - Galaxy Network UK


This marked a significant turning point in my career, as I began to focus specifically on branding. As the Head of Imaging for the Galaxy Network, I was responsible for developing and evolving the station's unique sonic brand identity, both in commercial and non-commercial contexts so it remained the largest commercial Network outside London.


Sep 2006 - Aug 2008 - Freelance


I left Galaxy because I felt that I could utilise all of my previous experience in a creative way by branching out on my own. As a freelancer, I created my own brand for self-employment purposes, which has evolved over the years. I began to focus primarily on radio branding, commercial production, copywriting, sound design, and voiceover work, offering all of these services under one roof without employing anyone else. This was a unique and innovative approach at the time.


Aug 2008 - Aug 2010 - Bauer Media Copywriter 


An exceptional radio sales team in Sheffield enticed me back into an office setting by proposing a creative approach to selling to clients, moving away from traditional PowerPoint presentations. Initially hired as a copywriter for Hallam FM, my role quickly expanded to include more responsibilities. I would lead meetings with clients, consider their entire advertising budget, and write a comprehensive radio campaign for them. Furthermore, I would also develop a billboard campaign, effectively positioning us as a full-service agency and allowing us to generate additional revenue streams through design and video marketing. By diversifying our offerings and taking a commission on media spend, we were able to assure a radio spend and provide more value to our clients.

2010 - 

Aug 2010 - Present - Lionmark Sound 


I felt it was time to strike out on my own, leveraging my experience across my entire career. I took on a comprehensive approach, managing everything from client meetings to creative briefs and reporting back with ideas and recommendations on where to allocate resources. In addition to writing copy and producing branding and commercials, I also collaborated with freelancers for graphic design and illustration work. I established a mini advertising and creative agency, but eventually decided to concentrate solely on the creative side of things. Specifically, we focused on copywriting, production, sound design, imaging, and all aspects of audio creation. Moreover, I've had the honour of lending my voice to some of the most iconic brands in the world, ranging from O2 to Powerade, as well as serving as the voice of Bauer Media and the Galaxy Network. My range of services has expanded to include everything from immersive computer game voiceovers to compelling ADR and audiobook trailers for Harper Collins. Not only that, but I've also established myself as the go-to voice for some of the most recognisable retail brands, including HSBC, ASDA, and Dorothy Perkins. With each new project, I strive to elevate my profile and expand the boundaries of my craft, and my success thus far is a testament to my unwavering dedication and passion for the art of voiceover.

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