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Sound Waves
Sound Waves

The Art of Crafting a Sonic Emblem for Brands

Creating a Unique Identity

What is a Sonic Brand Trigger?

A sonic emblem is a brand's aural signature, a symphony of sound that's etched into the minds of its audience. Brief and impactful, lasting only 10-30 seconds, it marks the brand as unique, unmistakable.

The birth of a sonic emblem starts with a directive from the brand or agency, specifying tone, style, and target. The composer then blends instruments, noises, and melodies until the final piece emerges. This work of art is recorded in a professional studio, a bastion of technical prowess, where sound engineers use their mastery to ensure its impact is felt by all who hear it.

The sonic emblem is then spread across various media: commercials on radio and TV, online videos, in-store audio systems. Its purpose is to cement the brand and the music together, so that whenever the sonic emblem is heard, the brand comes to mind.

A sonic Brand Trigger is not just background noise. It's the heartbeat of a brand's audio identity, a carefully crafted composition that embodies the brand's spirit and resonates with its audience


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